Our Mission

The Chelmsford Cultural Council is committed to funding a diverse cross-section of activities.  We support a variety of art forms, works of local artists, environmental education projects and collaborative proposals that bring together artists, organizations, and local cultural groups in projects that serve Chelmsford and the surrounding communities.

Our Goals

Celebrate Chelmsford’s cultural diversity and promote inclusivity.

Support Chelmsford artists, cultural organizations and community events.

Promote collaboration among local artists, cultural groups and community organizations.

Bring new artists and/or cultural opportunities to Chelmsford.



Review and decide on Cultural Council grants from state funding  in October, November, and December.

Give financial support from local funding to local musicians during the annual Holiday Celebrations on the Common in early December.

Sponsor a photo contest from local funding with financial prizes for Chelmsford citizens and people who work in Chelmsford during the months of January and February.

Attend Chelmsford Volunteer fair in March to promote the Cultural Council and their activities and actively recruit new members.

Award one-time grants from local funding in May and June to local organizations like the Center for the Arts or the Chelmsford Public Library.

Our Board Members

Sue Jefferson – Co-Chair/Grant Administrator

John Mejia – Co-Chair/Treasurer

Barbara Reilly – Secretary

Anne Dumke – member

Trish Mescal – member

Doug Sparks – member